Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo
A scuola con i valori UNESCO
Genialità creativa, Interscambio di valori umani, Testimonianza di civiltà, Esemplarità paesaggistica, Interazione tra uomo e ambiente, Eccezionalità nel valore naturalistico.
“Cultural heritage and diversity is a source of belonging, a wellspring for creativity, a platform to reach out to others” Irina Bokova, Direttore Generale dell’UNESCO
The World Heritage List

The World Heritage Convention establishes the World Heritage List (WHL), the list of sites to which the World Heritage Committee has officially recognized an Outstanding Universal Value (OUV).

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The UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme

UNESCO provides educational tools and projects to promote international cooperation among schools and to introduce education to the World Heritage into the school curriculum, to promote development and the sense of belonging to a world citizenship and encourage active protection of the natural and cultural World Heritage.The World Heritage Education Centre portal hosts published information works about the initiatives and projects in progress

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UNESCO Associated Schools

To promote the dissemination of the values ​​and fundamental principles of UNESCO, to encourage real participation in the programmes and campaigns undertaken and to establish a practical cooperation between the younger and older generations in 1953 in Paris UNESCO established the International Network of UNESCO Associated Schools.
This network enables schools of the various member countries to directly interact with the organization, and to benefit from opportunities such as cultural exchanges and learning paths about such UNESCO themes such as peace, human rights, sustainable development, the protection of material and immaterial World Heritage.

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